Tailwheel Academy Testimonials

Best Training Ever

Chris is an absolutely amazing instructor and I cant imagine having done
my tailwheel and spin training with anyone else. Take full advantage of the
opportunity. What Chris has to teach you may just save your life one day.

Doug Johnson-Greene


I reached out to Chris about doing a tailwheel endorsement a few weeks back. There aren’t enough good things I can say about him and the way he works. He set aside a full day for me and we nailed two of my “wish list” ratings on short notice. Tailwheel & Spin endorsements which I think every pilot should have! We executed this in both of his rated aircraft for each module with easy and precision.
Thank you Chris, I can’t wait to be back for more ratings and flying with you.
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Mark Oosthuizen
Byfree Piblications LLC

Captain Chris Kirk will fine tune your abilities…

Captain Christ Kirk will fine tune your abilities for safer flying and self confidence. A veteran that has much to offer. Guarantee to improve situational awareness in his very nice Cessna 150. It is a training that I believe all pilots should under go for themselves and the safety of others. Life changing experience.

Kevon Brown

Hi fellow aviator, hope everyone

Hi fellow aviator, hope everyone finds this review useful. My name is Jeff and I’m currently training for my commercial pilot certificate, sorry for the late and long review! I took the time to leave a review hopping to help other pilot find what they are looking for. Looking for the right place and the proper flight instructor for a real training could be quite difficult!

So after a tragic accident and lost of a great friend/ formen flight instructor at the time, I question myself if I wanted to continue my career as a pilot. A few months went by and then I decided to continue where I left off, after a lot of research of what could of happen I was a bit confuse and felt insecure on flying again especially Timebuilding with friends that had just pass there PPL check-ride. I also ask myself questions about my prior training and if I really had the ability to maneuver an airplane in a distress or emergency situation, so I seek for training center that would offer special training like aerobatic, tailwheel training, spin recovery etc. I did Find a “few” out there but let me tell you it didn’t go wheel at all, What’s a waste of time amd money! The Plane was sketchy and instructor was one of a kind not in a good way, should’ve read the reviews lol.

Finally I met Chris a mutual friend that recommended him, and let me tell you I felt like I learn to fly all over again after a whole day of training with him man was I not wrong, my flying skills needed to improve by a lot!

Chris has over 30 years of experience in GA and a set of skill for flying that you won’t find anywhere trust me I have been looking for quite sometime now, not that I was thought the wrong way but it was the basics just to fly a plane and pass your check-ride and at the end it’s not about that it’s about staying alive and keeping you and everyone up there safe! I can go on and on about all my insecurities flying a plane before this but what Chris taught me on that day is something I everyone should seek after and before becoming a PPL pilot. I encourage you to go fly with him and see for yourself you will not regret it! From using flaps on the patter while banking and descending to land, coordination, emergency’s, finding and breaking your limits to become a better and safer pilot for you and your family! Hope you find this information well and stay safe.

Jeffrey Soto

Great Experience, Chris is a

Great Experience, Chris is a great instructor and will take you to see your abilities as a pilot from a different perspective, it was a really insightful lesson and flight. 100% recommended.

Luis Coto

Amazing Flight training with Chris

I went Spin training with Chris Kirk, it was a fantastic and fun experience.

Chris was professional and adamant about the importance of spin training. He showed me the full extent of what it means to get the endorsement from the great ground briefing to the amazing flight.

We started with plenty of informative videos and in person we talked about the aerodynamics of spins and the recovery procedures in detail.

His ground briefing instilled confidence which transferred into the plane. He explained exactly what we were going to do in the ground and we reviewed and executed our plans in the plane.

I’d have to say that I had never experienced what a spin was but it was reassuring to have Chris there guiding me through every step and then letting me learn and do it all on my own.

The flight with Chris has me feeling safer in the cockpit and confident to save myself and my future students when we get into danger.

I would highly recommend doing the Spin endorsement with Chris to any pilot looking to improve their skills and knowledge. I look forward to do my tailwheel training under his guidance.

Giovanni Balboa

I started flight training in

I started flight training in 2019 and am thankful to have been partnered with great instructors throughout my training. Stating that; the experience of flying with Chris was beyond words.
I did both tailwheel and spin endorsement with Chris and like others have said, the amount of knowledge and flight skill gained in one day surpassed that of all my previous training.
If you want to get a real feel for flying and gain coordination & knowledge that can save your life Chris is the guy to go to!
Throughout the training you’ll also be having the most fun you’ve had in an airplane.

Thanks again Chris looking forward to more flights!

Jesus Garcia

Definitely an incredible experience and

Definitely an incredible experience and one of the best flights of my life. Mr. Kirk provides all his knowledge, I was able to reinforce my knowledge and, above all, learn new things. This experience also helped me correct certain mistakes that I made unconsciously when flying. Thank you Mr. Kirk for sharing your experience. I totally recommend doing the spin endorsement with him.

Ingrid Nicole Andrade Aristizabal

Spin training with my instructor,

Spin training with my instructor, Chris Kirk, was an incredible and transformative experience. From the moment we started, it was evident that Chris was not just an instructor but a true master of his craft.

Chris’s approach to spin training was both rigorous and reassuring. He began with a comprehensive ground briefing, patiently explaining the aerodynamics of spins and the recovery procedures in detail. His expertise and ability to simplify complex concepts made me feel confident and well-prepared before we even stepped into the aircraft.

Once in the cockpit, Chris’s calm demeanor and clear communication were invaluable. He guided me through each step of the spin with precision, ensuring that I understood the critical inputs required to initiate and recover from a spin. His emphasis on maintaining situational awareness and staying calm under pressure was a testament to his experience and dedication to safety.

What truly set Chris apart was his ability to instill confidence. As we entered the spin, I felt a mix of exhilaration and apprehension, but Chris’s steady guidance and encouragement helped me overcome any anxiety. His watchful eye and immediate feedback during each spin allowed me to improve with every repetition.

By the end of our training session, I not only had a thorough understanding of spins but also a newfound sense of accomplishment. Chris Kirk’s expertise and teaching style left me feeling not only safer in the cockpit but more capable and inspired as a pilot.

In sum, spin training with Chris Kirk was an exceptional experience that I would highly recommend to any pilot seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. His professionalism, expertise, and passion for aviation make him a top-tier instructor, and I look forward to do my tailwheel training under his guidance.

Rohit Gangadhar Pagare

Spin endorsement

I highly recommend Chris Kirk, i did my spin endorsement with him and it was amazing I learned a lot from his technique. He’s such a great and experienced pilot!!

Paula Duque

Great experience!!

Amazing experience with Chris. He is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience. Will teach how stable the airplane is, how to recover from spins and be able to do the impossible turn. Recommended 100%

Nasir Perez

Chris Kirk is the “GO

Chris Kirk is the “GO TO INSTRUCTOR” for tail wheel training in South Florida. Great Instructor. Easygoing, patient and even handed. Chris would be the first instructor that I would recommend for tail wheel training.

Fred Amicangioli

Best instruction I’ve ever recevied!

Chris is an amazing teacher! I learned more with him in my short 3.5 hour flight than I did in my previous 400 hours of flying! I expected a short and to the point tailwheel endorsement, he quoted me only one day, which I had trouble believing. He delivered on his promise and so much more, the training was very efficent and after 45 minutes I felt very comfortable with the airplane. No time was wasted on administrative tasks and everything was focused on pure stick and rudder skills. I had heard horror stories of how difficult tailwheel training is and he put all my fears to rest in quick order. After checking off boxes pursuing my various ratings, I can honestly say that Chris provided the most enjoyable flight training experience. Truth be told I had no idea how to push an airplane if needed in an emergency and he provided me the ability to build a foundation upon. I feel like a much safer and more proficent pilot and I owe it all to the street smarts Chris provided. Take this training, it’s the best money you’ll ever spend, he cares deeply about you as a student and will ensure your safety and success!

Anthony Naugle

Chris is great

I’ve been an aviation journalist and over the years have flown with many great pilots. Chris Kirk stands out as being one of the most gifted tailwheel (he can fly anything tailwheel or not) instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of flying with. He truly has a gift both for flying and for teaching! He’s the best.

Rafael Lima

Even though I was grandfathered

Even though I was grandfathered in on tailwheels, it was a while since I flew one, and wanted some additional training. Chris brought me up to speed and gave me an endorsement. I also took spin training from Chris in his Citabria. It’s a great confidence builder! My last training with Chris was in my Cavalon gyroplane. He did my sign off, and I still go to him for recurrent gyro training. He’s one of the rare instructors with the ability to calmly impart his knowledge and tips and work with you either slowly or quickly depending on the circumstance. I highly regard and recommend Chris; he’s as an excellent instructor!

Bob Schwartz

A Life Changing Experience!

I had the pleasure of receiving training from Captain Chris Kirk when I was just getting started in aviation. Chris demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and a strong commitment to his profession. He was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the foundations of my flying career were solid.

Chris possess excellent communication skills and is a natural mentor and teacher. He has the ability to remain calm under pressure and make quick and sound decisions which is key when teaching in a high stress environment such as the one he specializes on. His exceptional professionalism, technical skills, and dedication to his work make him an ideal Certified Flight Instructor to teach upset maneuvers, spin Endorsements or Tailwheel. Today I am an Airline Pilot with Delta Air Lines, I’ve been a Captain in a heavy Jet, operated in part 91, 135 and 121 companies. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am in my career without the mentorship he provided me early on.

Attached image of Chris’s old Stearman in Colorado, Aircraft I had the privilege to ferry for him from Miami to Seattle.

Federico Wood

Incredible Experience!

With Chris, who is an incredibly knowledgeable flight instructor, I obtained my tailwheel and high-performance endorsement. I strongly advise you to seek his guidance.

Juan Sebastian De La Roche Mesa

Tailwheel endorsement training

Being a low time pilot with no tail wheel experience , I was very apprehensive about flying the high performance Bushby mustang 2 I acquired. The training I’ve received from Chris Kirk toward my tailwheel endorsement is by far the best instruction I can remember. My confidence, competence, and skill level have improved dramatically from what this instructor brings to the table and the calm confidence building demeanor he brings to the cockpit. I truly believe he is one of, iv not the best instructor you will ever fly with.

Donald Bouchard


Did my tailwheel endorsement with Chris earlier this year, he’s a great instructor and a solid guy. I recommend him to any friend that wants their tailwheel

John C

Great Instructor

Chris is a great instructor. He ferried my Cessna140 and trained me on it. 100% recommend.

Luis Magallanes