Spin training with my instructor,

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Spin training with my instructor, Chris Kirk, was an incredible and transformative experience. From the moment we started, it was evident that Chris was not just an instructor but a true master of his craft.

Chris’s approach to spin training was both rigorous and reassuring. He began with a comprehensive ground briefing, patiently explaining the aerodynamics of spins and the recovery procedures in detail. His expertise and ability to simplify complex concepts made me feel confident and well-prepared before we even stepped into the aircraft.

Once in the cockpit, Chris’s calm demeanor and clear communication were invaluable. He guided me through each step of the spin with precision, ensuring that I understood the critical inputs required to initiate and recover from a spin. His emphasis on maintaining situational awareness and staying calm under pressure was a testament to his experience and dedication to safety.

What truly set Chris apart was his ability to instill confidence. As we entered the spin, I felt a mix of exhilaration and apprehension, but Chris’s steady guidance and encouragement helped me overcome any anxiety. His watchful eye and immediate feedback during each spin allowed me to improve with every repetition.

By the end of our training session, I not only had a thorough understanding of spins but also a newfound sense of accomplishment. Chris Kirk’s expertise and teaching style left me feeling not only safer in the cockpit but more capable and inspired as a pilot.

In sum, spin training with Chris Kirk was an exceptional experience that I would highly recommend to any pilot seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. His professionalism, expertise, and passion for aviation make him a top-tier instructor, and I look forward to do my tailwheel training under his guidance.

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