Ep.1: Welcome to Hangar Hangout. What is it?

Welcome to Retro-Aero’s Hangar Hangout! In this episode we introduce our host, Captain Dale and he talks a little about his history. Then, he talks a little about the local Hangar Hangout, the inspiration for this podcast, including our segments:

  • Aviation Firsts, Congrats
  • An “Ah-hah” moment
  • Safety Review (Kathryn’s Report),

He finishes by sharing an Aviation First, and one of his early “Ah-hah!” moments from the local Hangar Hangout. If you are interested in being a guest on our podcast or have any feedback, please email aviators@retro-aero.com. Be prepared to share an “Ah-hah!” moment, just like we do every month at KPMP. See you next week!

*Correction: Dale misspoke when he said he had 4,000 hours in a C172. Actually, it’s only about 2,000 hours.

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  1. Great work Dale! I’m excited for the following episodes! I know you skipped over the accident report due to the length of the episode but I would say keep it in! I personally enjoy podcasts that are 30 minutes or more because I often put them on during long drives or while I’m getting ready for my day. Hope this helps and can’t wait to hear more!

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